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When you’re backpacking, light and handy cooking gear is essential when camping. As with everything, there are of course many specialized camping kitchen equipment items. Here you will find an overview of the most important things for the camping kitchen, which are also on my camping packing list . You will also find useful gadgets for camping here .

Camping stoves and grills
Camping stove

Gas stoves are a common solution for anyone who wants to cook while camping. In addition to such top-mounted stoves as on the left, there are also stoves with an external gas supply. These are more stable because the center of gravity is lower. Flat gas stoves are the most similar to a hob.

Camping stove

A camping stove uses natural fuels such as B. Branches around your tent.

Camping grill: collapsible

If you do not have to pay attention to every gram and spend the night on a tent site, you usually want to take a reasonable grill with you (no one-way grill). They are available in umpteen different versions. This one on the left is only to be put over the flame.

Camping grill: with gas

As an alternative grill variant there is a gas-powered camping grill, e.g. B. that of Campinggaz.

Camping grill: suitcase grill

For those who prefer a classic grill, case grills are suitable. One of these is also in my home and has often been useful.

Smokeless grill

This grill is ready for steaks, sausages etc. in 3 minutes. It is completely non-smoking, healthy and safe. Ideal for balconies, but also in the park and when camping.

Camping toaster

I rediscovered this toaster for up to 4 slices of toast. Not for minimalists, but a nice idea for permanent campers!

Camping dishes
Camping dishes: mug

Whether for coffee, tea, water, juice, etc. – a stainless steel camping mug is usually an indestructible thing.

Camping dishes: cutlery

You need camping cutlery for the canned ravioli, cornflakes, cuts and all other dishes. Many are collapsible. A spork is a fork and spoon in one.

Camping dishes: plates

Of course you also need a plate in the camping kitchen. Stainless steel is also a good choice here.

Camping dishes: bowl

Bowls are important for soups, cereals and other liquid meals. Thanks to the handle or handle, it can also be held with hot contents.

Camping dishes: set

If you don’t want to put everything together individually, you can also opt for a camping tableware set. There are usually cups, plates and cutlery in it.

Pots and pans

A container is also needed for canned ravioli! Camping pots and pans are mostly versatile, easy to store and easy to clean.

Grip pliers

It is one of the most important utensils when cooking: a pair of pliers that you can use to touch and move the hot pot.

Camping kettle

For boiling water or tea: a camping teakettle is light and robust as well as small and stable.

to eat and drink

Camping food: spices

They are available in a set or as an empty container for filling yourself: spices are part of the camping kitchen.

Camping food: trekking food

Again, this is only of interest to those who camp far from civilization. Trekking food is not for everyone, but ideal for wild campers.

Camping kitchen

Water purifier

Another wild camping gear, less interesting for those who stay at a campsite.

Water treatment tablets

Tablets are an important tool for cleaning water volumes (if you can’t use a drinking water connection at a campsite).

Folding canister

If you want to save yourself work when fetching water, you have a large canister, which can also be stowed away to save space.

Cool box

Coolers are well suited for storing food and meals. Some are thermoelectric and can be connected to the car, others only cool with cold packs and insulation.

Cooler bag

If you don’t want a cool box, you can also use cool bags for camping. They come in many different sizes.

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