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Camping accessories are things we take for granted, especially when we camp frequently. What many campers do not know is that as a precaution we must review everything we have to corroborate that it still works optimally and that it leaves us bad when we need them.

But when it comes to the average camper or the new camper, when talking about the best camping accessories and the most necessary, they can become exaggerated and end up carrying more additional weight on their back, not knowing how to delimit the luggage. So that it doesn’t happen to you the same.
Here are the best camping accessories:




Although it is not part of the accessories that will provide you with security, it is true that they will make your stay more comfortable and pleasant. And why do you go camping if not to have a good time? With this modern portable coffee maker you can secure your morning coffee without difficulty. Work with coffee capsules and boiling water. As it is built around a recently patented, battery-free and electricity-free pumping system, it requires only the strength of your hands to manually pump, easily.


To travel lighter, it is important to have accessories with more than one function, such as this 3-in-1 camping lantern, which can be used as such or remove its two flashlights to use them individually. It has a fairly powerful light, 600 lumens in total with a 360 degree light beam. For your comfort, it is versatile even in power mode because it works with batteries or with an 18650 battery that is charged with a USB cable or car charger, both included.



One of the biggest concerns of any camper is having a constant supply of water and with this bottle with integrated filter, taking tap water or a stream will always be safe, without using iodine, chlorine or other chemical compounds. And when it comes to safety, this bottle has been made in tritan and BPA free. In addition to this, it has an excellent capacity to hold 0.65 liters of water and can be used to filter up to 1,000 liters, after which the filter can be easily replaced.


In any activity that requires contact with nature and involves entering a territory that is not the usual one, it is worth having one of the most primary accessories to locate yourself: the compass. And this is ideal because it is well equipped with a safety cord, as well as a mobile limb. Its silicone feet improve fixation on the map when taking readings. If you are sailing at night, you will find the fact that it has light signals very convenient. Adjustable in thousandths and degrees.


For campers who can not leave aside the comfort of bathing in the shower, even when away from home, this portable shower must be included in the list of accessories necessary to go camping yes or yes. In this clever gable design model, the perfect wash pressure. At the same time, it has an integrated water filtration system. The battery, charger and discharge protection circuit are equipped, as well as a light that indicates the charge level of the battery.


To prepare food or make morning coffee, one of the most basic things at camping, there is this stove, which is king of survival accessories. This camping stove or stove is quite compact and has room for a pot, offering quick cooking capacity. It is quite light to carry, and it weighs only about 600 grams. When you are not in adventure, it also works perfect for making meals on the terrace or in the garden of the house.

best-camping-accessoriesThe basic camping equipment can vary a lot, depending on many factors, such as the terrain, the weather, the duration time and more, there are some basic ones such as the water supply that cannot be missing.

In addition to the survival kit , there are essential accessories for every camper, who must make room, despite any space limitations. We are talking about accessories related to safety, which should be a priority over those that provide comfort.

Before packing, it is important to know how to use each accessory. As well as verifying that it is complete, in good condition and that it works optimally. Keep in mind first those camping accessories that are most useful, such as water, food, wool socks, fire starters , first aid kits, multi-tools , etc. When your primary needs are complete, you can start thinking about camping things comfortably , like the portable coffee machine or portable shower .

But there are other accessories that contribute to both comfort and security, such as charging devices , which will allow your mobile to keep running to communicate with others or that you can continue using your GPS navigation system .

In your tactical backpack or in your car you will not be able to pack your whole house, there are things that, although they may have some functionality like your laptop , you must leave. So everything that is packaged for camping must have an important purpose.

Generally, you can only carry what your back can carry, so it is good to think of products with multiple uses to increase their functionality. For example, before packing just a screwdriver or a knife, it is best to consider a multitool, there are some that have a built-in compass .

Come on, camping doesn’t have to be stressful, so thinking about accessories that are easy to use can optimize your comfort. Of course, you have to think about the durability of these durability, and is that knowing that it can cope with some bumps and dents increases confidence significantly.

All of us who have gone camping know that the camper can be as varied as the type of camping that can be done, and this will definitely determine the equipment or accessories that you will carry with you in your backpack . Not all pieces will have to be small and light, but they must all have a purpose.

When camping near or in the country, luggage should be small and light to take up little or no space. The added weight will limit the range and distance you can walk, and will tire you out. In the case of a caravan, motorhome or trailer, little will import larger single-use items.

When it comes to camping accessories, there are many concerns and doubts about it. camping-accessoriesHowever, there are two as popular as they are complete:

The three characteristics seen above are the perfect roadmap to determine which accessories cannot be missing from your camping gear, in addition to your pair of hiking shoes and your comfortable and protective clothing.

You have to know that when you are camping in the middle of an urban city, you will need a different equipment than if you have walked 10km somewhere inland. Camping time is also decisive.

For one night you will need much less equipment than if you spend a week in the forest. Yes, for one night you will also need spare batteries for your electrical equipment, but less than for a week, as well as you will need more than just a campfire, a stove will be better.

Despite the fact that there are very universal things like a pair of wool socks to keep warm, we must determine with full honesty what kind of campers we are and what our level of experience is, without exaggeration.

Fortunately, many manufacturers are seeing the need for compact equipment and have advanced their technology to take up as little space as possible. With smaller packaging, a lighter weight generally comes. A good example is the camping stove.

In addition to being compact, your accessories must have multiple uses, so you will pack less. Versatility is the key, for example a Swiss Army knife or a power bank with a built-in flashlight.


When we talk about accessories, it seems that we are talking about something secondary and the truth is that when it comes to camping, nothing that is stored in luggage should be. Everything counts and everything must be truly essential, how do we do it? Starting by asking us what is its use, if we know how it is used and in what situation, asking ourselves if it has more than one use and if it is functional for the type of camping we will do or the type of campers we are, is the key.

If the accessories you carry with you are not functional enough, your safety and that of the people who accompany you will be compromised and it is very likely that you will find it difficult to face certain situations. Ah! Finally, if you have to choose between comfort and safety, you better go for the second one.

And you, have you already set up your camping equipment?